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Hemp Essential Oil vs CBD

When Julie Hyzdu, the founder of TheraEssentials, discovered all of the benefits of hemp essential oil she knew it would be vital to creating an essential oil with hemp essential oil in it. Julie first started PoppyPocket when her father (Poppy) was diagnosed with colon cancer and she created a more comfortable and easier to use chemotherapy infusion pump bag. While being in the throws of cancer with her dad she realized the health benefits of essential oils while trying to help control his side effects of chemo. “I wanted to find products that didn’t have any harmful synthetic chemicals and fragrances to help my dad fight his cancer and found essential oils was the best way to do it.” TheraEssentials started with a line of products to help with nausea, sleep, headaches, and nerve relief but soon discovered hemp essential oil needed to be added because the benefits are so great.

There are different types of CBD/Hemp oils and sometimes it is hard to know which one to choose. CBD Oil, Hemps Seed Oil, and Hemp Essential Oil are all from the same hemp plant. How you process the plant creates vast differences in oils. CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is the main compound in the cannabis plant. CBD (cannabidiol) oil comes from the flowering part of the plant, its leaves, and twigs. Hemp essential oil: comes from the steam distillation process of the plant. Hemp seed oil: comes from pressing hemp seeds. Hemp essential oils do not have cannabinoids such as CBD or THC.

The benefit of Hemp Essential Oil is it contains terpenes. In the steam distillation process, the cannabinoid is separated from the terpenes. It is the terpenes that make Hemp Essential Oil so great. Cannabinoids are not compounds that can be extracted with steam, but terpenes are. The benefits of terpenes include anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, antiseptic, antiseizure, anxiolytic,(calming) anti-coagulant, antiviral, antimutagenic, muscle relaxant, pain reliever, immune modulator, great for skin, open up bronchial, protects gastrointestinal tract.

It is because of the terpenes in Hemp Essential Oil that TheraEssential wanted to add it to essential oils. When you mix hemp essential oil with other essential oils, its synergy helps boost its effectiveness and makes your other essential oils work better.

If you have a blend that’s not working as you’d hope it would work, adding a few drops of hemp essential oil can allow the other essential oils to produce its intended effects - more effectively.

Other beneficial uses of hemp essential oil include:

Deep body rub for pain and inflammation.

Sleep aid.

Helps with digestion issues.

Helps emotional anxiety, stress, PTSD, etc

Improves skin health.

Skin emollients (softens skin) - especially when used in hemp seed oil as a carrier

Helps with eyesight and glaucoma.


Aids in certain cancer preventions.

An array of other issues

Because the side effects of chemotherapy can be so severe TheraEssentials line of Hemp Essential Oils are a great solution to help calm the side effects naturally. The 5 different roll-ons with essential oils and Hemp Essential Oil are created specifically to help live a chemical free and healthy lifestyle.

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